Funds given to date: $____ [tbd]


Y’all are amazing. Thank YOU for your support for these amazing friends … our sisters and brothers.


[let’s include a circular picture to the left of each partner]


The Koffi Togo Cultural Center Foundation was founded by our dear friend, Koffi Toudji This foundation is building a community center in Togo, Africa, where people will gather, be united, and where the next generation of youth will learn to lead, together. Between our 5% book sales and your generous donations, $____ was given to this project. (June & July, 2018) ​


In August, many of you sent your kiddos back to school or were preparing to (us, too!). We expanded our back-to-school support to Nepal and together, sent off Ashama, our bahini ("little sister" in Nepali). Her story is extraordinary ... born in and rescued from a brothel in New Delhi, India. She's COURAGEously living life ablaze and is following her dream of going to college. Between our 5% book sales, a matching gift, and your generous donations, we did it … generating $1,800 for this changemaking, brave, and BEloved sistah’s first year of college. (August, 2018)